United Church of Bogotá Branding

United Church of Bogotá

A diverse church rooted in the city at the foot of the mountains.

Coming up on 100 years, the United Church of Bogotá was looking to rebrand and solidly create a name for themselves. As the only English-speaking church in the city of Bogotá, they live on diversity–from their Christian teachings to having a congregation of people representing 30 different countries.

UCB was looking for a mark that would help visually communicate the idea of preaching the gospel, being international, welcoming to the community and modern.

The church’s heartbeat: reaching the nations and the next generation, seeking the peace and prosperity of our city, and fostering community among those who don’t belong in our host culture. 



The chosen logo’s inspiration came primarily from the exterior of the church itself. Its A-shaped sanctuary is very distinct, and different, from what is traditionally seen with church architecture in Bogotá. UCB is proud of this and feels like it helps set them apart from other Christian churches in the city.

The natural landscape surrounding the church was also an inspiration. UCB backs up to the Andes Mountains, which plays an important geographical role for the entire city of Bogotá.

Descriptive terms: community, international, warm and welcoming, rooted, connected, peace, architecture, landscape and modern.

The Mark

Pulling from the above inspiration, a triangle became the main shape. It represented several things: the architecture of the church, the Andes mountains and its upwards direction pointing to the heavens.

Focusing yet again on the church’s exterior facade, its mosaic pattern was brought in and made to look like stained glass with a cross in the center being the main focus as a reminder of the Church’s Christian values and teachings. The colors were pulled from the surrounding city and landscapes.

A contemporary sans-serif with rounded corners was chosen to complement the varying corners within the mosaic triangle.

Logo Details

Each shape within the mosaic was given it’s own combination of right and curved angles. While it adds visual interest, it also plays on the church’s diversity and its ever evolving teachings and congregation.


Several styles and variations were explored – from an illustrative badge to typographical. In the end we felt the chosen concept most represented this unique church and its heartbeat.

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