Expert answers to trait questions.

The #TraitAnswers campaign was launched in 2016 and was aimed at helping farmers understand the technology, science and decisions that go into what gets planted in their fields.

After watching audience engagement both on Twitter and the website after the initial launch, it was determined that optimizations were needed to better connect the audience to the valuable content that had been collected from field experts.

It was decided at this time that the landing page was the ultimate destination for the campaign with social sharing and conversations supporting the message. The landing page called for an updated design and user experience. It became Genuity’s most visited website page.

Created at HLK / 2016

Additional Credits 
CD: Ryan Doggendorf, HLK


The page concentrated on the user’s location to bring them area-specific content, including a gate that asked for a zip code before being delivered content. This, however, was not the user’s top priority. Discovering this, along with the content and its order, is what helped drive to the new experience.


We wanted to see our audience (growers, dealers, seed brands) consuming #TraitAnswers content and participating in conversations that ultimately lead to trait recommendations.

Our primary goal for the updated landing page was to get visitors to find a question and watch the answer. This meant bringing the content higher up on the page and updating topics for easier accessibility.

Secondary goals were to encourage social sharing of content, posting questions to Twitter and continued learning through support links.

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