St. Vincent Helicopter Wrap Design

St. Vincent Healthcare Helicopter Wrap

Help Flight Helicopter

As an extension of SCL Health’s rebrand, long-time client St. Vincent Healthcare was replacing their medical helicopter and asked for a wrap to be designed for the new one.

Having to follow regulations from multiple aircraft agencies, a design was delivered that the client and public was excited about. The design features the SCL brand colors and has curves to highlight the general shape and features of the helicopter itself.

Created at HLK / 2015


Learning how to design to the helicopter’s curves and shape was a unique challenge. We had to keep in mind how the helicopter looked at all angles and not just from the side. Keeping that in mind, along with client requests about what part of the helicopter cannot be white and federal regulations for an aircraft, several options were presented.

After deciding that one concept was too bold and the other would be too difficult to paint, a favorite was chosen to move forward with and refine.


Minor adjustments were made to make better use of the helicopter’s curves and to help with the placement of required information. The SCL logo symbol was added to the tail and featured on the bottom. The N number and Help Flight labels were placed to more visual locations.

St. Vincent wanted its staff and the surrounding community to be excited about the helicopter, so several items were created to announce the arrival of its new bird. Posters were hung around the hospital, local print ads were ran and t-shirts were made. A small ceremony introducing the new helicopter was also held.

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