A love of wine & dessert

Ounce is a conceptual restaurant that specializes in desserts, wine and cocktail pairings. It’s located in a historic, but trendy part of town that would be easily accessible by walking. Ounce would be a destination for happy hours, an outing with your closest girlfriends or a night cap with a special someone.

I created this personal branding project out of my love for wine and desserts, combined with several years of restaurant experience.

Created in 2015

The Inspiration

I was inspired by the rich colors in plants/nature, food ingredients, moody photography, and intricate wrought iron fence designs.

My vision for the space would combine: a classic interior, natural elements, and industrial finishes. This space will look chic and sophisticated, yet feel welcoming and cozy.


The name “Ounce” comes from a common form of measuring. Often times baking ingredients are measured by the ounce and beverages are packaged and poured by the ounce.

In order to let the food, drinks and restaurant shine, I took an uncomplicated approach to the branding and coordinating pieces.

A crosshatch design was used on business papers, while botanical illustrations (featuring plants of common ingredients) are used as graphical and supporting elements.

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