Leadology Branding


Evidence based training program promoting leadership growth.

Leadology is an evidence based training program promoting leadership growth for people at all stages of their careers. They serve as a catalyst to grow top-performers into stellar managers and inspirational leaders. They propel the transformation from adept application of technical skills to goal-driven managers of teams by sharpening key skills like delegation, goalsetting, influencing and talent development.

Leadology was looking for a mark that would portray a sense of relatability, accessibility, and credibility as it relates to leadership skill building. It’s important for the brand to convey it’s at the forefront of new ideas and an air of relevancy. The target student tends to be millennial age and new to leadership roles.

Created with Phyllis Sa at The Quiet Creative / 2016


In exploring possible design directions, I wanted to create a graphic letter mark that not only played off the name of the company but also visually portray Leadology’s work in a unique way. I focused on how Leadology is set out to guide these newly minted managers to really help them grow in the workforce.

I called this my “Follow the Leader” approach. The two dots represent Leadology and their clients. Leadology’s clients are being guided through the program in order for them to reach their fullest potential. In the end, the clients comes out ahead of where they were when they first started working with Leadology.

Descriptive words: potential, accessible, engaging, modern/current, credible, relevant, calm, gender neutral appeal, a calm yet energizing aesthetic.

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