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Website Enhancements

Sometimes small website updates are most impactful. In this case, we approached Genuity’s website wanting to create a more streamlined user experience in regards to each of the brand’s traits. This meant taking the most important content from both the Features & Benefits page and the Science page to create one page to house each trait’s information.

Created at HLK / 2016
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Before, each Genuity trait was separated into two pages – a Features & Benefits page and a Science page. This often created confusion with users and resulted in less time spent on the website. It was realized that the information needed to be condensed and streamlined for the best experience. The goal was to create a single page to provide the audience with a more connected and complete message.


The new visual direction created a more open and light layout while cutting out redundant information. Cues from editorial design were used with light colors allowing visuals, subtle animations, video clips and supporting copy to stand out. A linear story-telling approach focusing on snippets of information was used to draw the user down the page.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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