Gateway Gala Branding

Gateway Gala

A charity fundraiser

The inaugural Gateway Gala was put on to help celebrate and support the founding of the Concordance Academy of Leadership. The event was held at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis, and included Colin Powell as a keynote speaker.

The request was to create a mark for the event that can be used and developed for multiple years, across multiple mediums and platforms. The mark needed to be modern and lively, yet be appropriate for a more glamorous and sophisticated event space.

Roughly 700 people attended the inaugural event, and successfully raised over $2 million for Concordance Academy.

Created at HLK / 2015


The chosen direction’s inspiration came from the Concordance Academy itself and its logo. With Concordance being such a new organization, I wanted to bring in as much of its mission and meaning behind the logo as possible.

The three circles had several meanings behind them:

  • It’s an ellipsis: the organization and its mission is always “to be continued” and moving forward
  • It represents the aspects of the Concordance initiative: the organization itself, the individuals using the resources, and the community supporting and benefitting from the mission.
  • It also stands for the type of support the first-of-its-kind organization is receiving: public, private, and academic.

The Mark

Pulling from the three circles in the Concordance logo, I created a playful arrangement to create a sense of dimension and movement. Several layouts, circle sizes and shades of color were considered before landing on the final result.

Keeping with Concordance’s color palette, green was used for the logo and as the main color throughout the event. Gold was brought in to play off the event organizer’s vision of a glamorous space and the use of metallics in the decor.

The type was punched out of the circles to create a more dramatic effect and allow whatever background the logo was placed on, to come through the letters. This allowed the background and mark to compliment and play off the other.

Event Pieces

Countless items were needed leading up to the event and for the event itself. These items were mailed to guests, displayed publicly throughout Saint Louis, and help facilitate the evening’s events.

Items included: Sell sheet for sponsorship opportunities, Sate the Date postcards, Billboards, Newspaper ads, Invitation, Envelope, Response card, Escort Card, Table Numbers, Wayfinding & Registration signage, Raffle & Silent Auction signage, Stage banners, a PowerPoint template, and the event’s program.

An overall look using a bokeh pattern in shades of green and gold was used throughout the collateral. The bokeh played off the circle’s in the Concordance and Gala logos, and also gave the impression of glitz, glamour and mystery to the evening.

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