Covenant Presbyterian Church Logo Refresh

Church Logo Refresh

All about the pelican.

In order to unify the parish and school, Covenant Presbyterian Church decided to shift it’s branding from the traditional Celtic cross to a more unexpected symbol—a pelican. The branding not only needed to be the new face of the church, but it also needed to be flexible enough to accommodate Covenant’s new slogan and for school use.

This new modern and progressive approach to the branding was released just in time to celebrate the church’s 75th anniversary.

Created at HLK  /  2014


Why the Pelican?

The pelican is one of the most ancient symbols of Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. The mother pelican will pluck a feather from her breast to feed her own blood to her young during times of famine.


Creating a simple, recognizable symbol was a one of the main focuses for this project. Many styles and iterations were explored before giving Covenant’s original pelican a second look. In the end, updating Covenant’s pelican by smoothing out edges and creating more defined shapes was just the answer we were looking for.

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